BREAKING: Sub-Dean of Engineering slaps UNILORIN SU President, Eminent at CBT centre (Details)

The university of Ilorin Students Union President, Comrade Sobowale Lukman Olawale was today slapped by the sub Dean of Engineering, Dr Ajiboye when he tried to for  solicit on behalf of students of the college of Health sciences, Oke-oyi.

Hitloaded contacted the SU president who narrated his own part of the story.

Eminent said he left for the CBT centre since morning and had not even eaten at all so as to get to the center early and help the students.

On getting there, He tried Soliciting for students of the college of health sciences oke-oyi who had been there since so that they can write their exam early and go back on time due to distance.

In order to help them, he said he was directed to the office of the secretary and the CBT centre and on getting there, he met them talking and decided to wait till they were done talking and when Dr. Ajiboye noticed him waiting, he told him to step back which he did, and again told him to again, he did and then told him to get out adding that when he tried explaining that he is the students union president, the Sub dean said, So what? and before be knew it, he dipped his hands in his eyes which he said was more like slapping him.

Comrade sobowale said he challenged him and asked why he would do that, students of the University came to His aid which almost led to an uproar but as a leader he calmed the students down and everything got settled.

He also noted that he has gotten an apology from the CBT centre as regards what happened adding that they thanked him for the maturity and headedness he displayed when the incident happened.

Comrade Olawale also thanked students of the institution for their support.
As at the time of this report, C.E.O (Hitloaded) has made attempts to reach the other party but has not been successful.
    Source :Lade’s Signatory
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